Saturday, September 22, 2007

I Haven't Done This In A While

TBT's. Three Beautiful Things. I used to post somewhat frequently (ok, maybe only once or twice) about what my TBT's for the day were. Things that brought me joy today, that I could thank our Heavenly Father for.

I realized, looking back on some recent posts, that the true state of my grateful heart isn't always as apparent as it is powerfully moving in my life. I am thankful for so much. This life, led by our amazing, gracious Father, has so much that brings me joy.

Here are what they were this week:

Listening to Josiah tell me on the phone, as he shopped with Michelle from Menards, about the book he bought Ana, and how he wants to buy me a book too...."So which one do you want Aunt Trinette? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers? They both light up".

Hearing Ana call my name from the basement and all the way up the stairs, as I visited the Cuolon's on Wednesday. Her excitement as she saw me and let me sweep her up in my arms, and then as she told me "Trinette, you're here, it's a birthday party. No, it's a dance party".

Being served, loved, and blessed through friendships that give me more than I could ever give back. The sense of wonderment I get when I talk to said friends, and realize, wow, despite being intimately acquainted with a lot of my faults, they love me anyways. And I can mildly entertain them back.

The fact that my best friend thinks I'm beautiful - inside and out. I mean, I kind of always thought she thinks I'm ok- her amazing emails of encouragement and affirmation said as much. But I didn't know she really thought I was a beautiful person inside and out. Sweet! The feeling is mutual, now wear the jacket!

Being out on my bike in the gorgeous fall weather. The feel of the crisp, cool air running up and down my arms, teasing my face. Wearing a knit cap and matching scarf in said fall weather. The prospect that it's time to break out sweater coats and boots and puffy vests and mittens. I love fall weather!! I want to look like Ali McGraw in Love Story, year round.

Knowing that since fall is here, soon it will be apple orchard time, pumpkin picking time, pumpkin carving time, apple cider time. Basically all the things I love to do in October. And having great friends to make those memories with.

Snuggling up on the couch, a glass of wine in one hand, and the remote in the other. Simple pleasures baby!

Feeling like a woman, in certain friendships where my guy friends love me, serve me, celebrate me and upon occasion subject me to tickle wars. Wow. Feeling like a woman as I show my gratitude to them, through serving them back by cleaning for them or cooking for them or giving them care packages or just expressing my joy at how great they are. And learning that it's ok to tickle back.

Having a real conversation with my mom. A dialogue. Without a screaming nephew in the background distracting her from everything I'm saying. Feeling ok enough with her to open up and share how I'm feeling, trusting that she is actually listening and might even care. Hearing her respond with meaningful advice and concern. This is what it should always be like.

A new cell phone plan that lets me add her to my Faves, therefore giving me the freedom to talk to her for an hour. Or to my other four Faves too. And that finally gives me free nights and weekends.

Trolling Craigslist and thinking I might be able to find Jon a hot tub for the backyard before he comes home this weekend. PLEASE call me back people!!

Knowing that in just two months, my second favorite time of year will be kicking off - Thanksgiving! Which will usher in my first favorite time of year - Christmas!! Knowing friends will be home from far away (and hearing their excitement at coming home brings me joy!). Family time will be cramped and chaotic but wonderful. Cookie baking time with the girls will be close at hand (that means Swedish Creme Wafers!) And I can, without fear of criticism, start playing my Christmas music loud and long.

OH WOW! The fact that I have my very own apartment to decorate for Christmas as much as I want! If I want four Christmas trees, elves hanging from the ceiling, garland draping every red and green wall (oh wait, that's my old place), and White Christmas on cd looping for an entire month straight I CAN! It's my apartment and I can decorate it for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving and not take it down till January 2nd with no one to tell me not to! THANK YOU BABY JESUS!!!

Yeah, I think that's about it for now. Of course it's more than Three BT's, but whatever. When do I ever follow those rules? Nah.

Honorable mentions, however: The fact that Nana has a death grip of steel when she hugs me, but I know it means that she actually does love me. The fact that I was told in one night that I am quite pretty, have good skin tone and amazing hair (REALLY? SERIOUSLY??). The fact that I am going to sleep soooo good tonight. These are all beautiful things. I am so blessed!

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