Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ten Things That Are Bringing Me Joy

And just in case I risk being accused of being "overly negative" here are Ten Things That Bring Me Joy right about now...

1. My boyfriend challenged me to a Pumpkin Carve-Off about a month ago, and I'm pretty sure he's forgotten, but I sure haven't. Hey babe, guess what we're doing this weekend?

2. The Big Bang Theory. Seriously, I could watch this show Every. Single. Day. Good thing it's on TBS, so now I really can.

3. Onesta Hair Care - not just an amazing job, but literally the best hair products I've ever used in my life too. And non-carcinogenic to boot.

4. Speaking of carcinogenic - Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and specifically the BCAA Symposium and Conference, at the beginning of the month helped bring me some much appreciated perspective on how truly blessed we all are, and how to embrace every day of life with all the passion I have.

5. Fall weather - Boots, tights, sweaters, hats, scarves, hand warmers, Pumpkin Spice Latte's, bonfires, apples, football, boots! I love fall! What's not to love?

6. Cable TV (partially for the fact that it brought The Big Bang Theory to my life, but also, The Kardashians, Millionaire Matchmaker, Prohibition, Revenge).

7. The joys of being Wheat-Free, such as sleeping better, feeling better, and hopefully soon, looking better.

8. I have the absolute best boyfriend on earth. He is the best man I know, and I'm unabashedly enamored with him. How he ever manages to love me back is a God given miracle, and makes me smile from ear to ear.

9. The small amount of self satisfaction and smugness that comes from simultaneously reading Wheat Belly, God & Harry Potter At Yale, and Guns, Germs & Steel. Not to mention, these are three amazingly good books. Add to this that my copy of Kisses From Katie is on it's way from Amazon and I'm in book heaven.

10. Knowing that despite all the crap I've been wading through with gossip, speculation, unsupporting friends and just feeling "out of the loop", my life is full of grace, I have the capacity to show love and mercy, and I am learning so much about what's important in life.

Totally random, but has anyone else noticed that Bob Barker has no eyebrows?

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