Saturday, November 08, 2008

Life Is Good

Oooh, the news! So much has been going on lately, that makes me smile quietly to myself, and yet so much has also been going on that causes me to cry myself to sleep at night. Kind of an accurate picture of life I guess. Here's a brief glimpse into what's new with me:

I was writing to a friend today, an old friend. Literally the oldest friend I have. We're not talking age here either - as much as longevity. For someone who left her entire life behind more than a decade ago, and chose to say goodbye to everyone she new for the sake of the cross, it's nothing short of miraculous that I can reconnect with an old friend, from my childhood. It's crazy to think that we haven't talked in over 12 years, but that through the magic of technology (*que music Napoleon*), we've reconnected, and it's just like no time has passed. I'm proud of her, as I learn about the woman she's become in the last decade, and the choices she's made and just as I wonder how hard it must've been to say "Hi" and break the ice. I'm so very excited to get to know her again.

Speaking of breaking the ice.... (random ADD moment here), I did it this week, with Operation Uncle, and to limited, nah, nonexistant success. Yeah, after accidentally stumbling across him online, and realizing two things (#1, it's a small, small world & #2 he really is looking), I thought it couldn't hurt to, as my friend Krista put it, "grow a pair" and email him and ask him out. Let's just say I'm still waiting.

Ok, back to my long lost friend - because this is a subject that brings great joy to my heart: So, this is someone that I literally grew up with. Whenever I was in trouble, she wasn't far behind. And the memories I have of the laughs, oh the laughs!! Getting in trouble was sooo much fun. I'll never forget some of those crazy times! She was my style inspiration, and the one person who taught me class and good taste growing up. I'm forever indebted. To think that she now lives within road trip distance, hasn't changed all that much (the cats!), that despite growing apart for so long, we are still so alike and that we can reconnect fills me with nostalgia and gratitude.

Gratitude is a big one for me this week, as I settle in with my MN family. I love them so very, very much, and am totally blessed to have them love me back. Every day when I leave for work, Peggy has a commuter mug of coffee waiting for me, and walks me to the door with well wishes for the day. I have never felt that taken care of, or loved, in a familial sense.... well not since my stint in the Herdles basement at least. Family is the most important thing to me, and I just cherish it up like ice cream on a crabby day. Even though we don't share the same blood - they are my dearest, darling MN family, and I can only say "Thanks!" to them, and God, for this kind of love and acceptance and googly feelings of warmth.

On another note - Just 3 days till Wicked! And I can't get Defying Gravity out of my head. It's literally the soundtrack to my weekend, and I shiver with anticipation at hearing Elphaba hit that high note at the end, as the citizens of the Emerald City look on, declaring her wicked. Ok, I'm totally obsessed. Yikes-a-roo! I know that when I get there, in my adorable new black strapless dress, and green shoes (YES! GREEN SHOES!!!), it will be everything I can muster to not pee in my chair with excitement. At the very least there will be some major toe tapping and humming along goin' down. Wow oh wow... I'm stoked.

All in all life is good. There are challenges, yeah; I'm so tired of being alone! I'm even more tired of being rejected. Wait, maybe I didn't say that clearly enough - I'm soooo tired of being rejected by guys. Tired enough to stop trying even. I'm kind of wondering if God has got it out for me, and is like "You're just meant to be alone, Trin, get used to it, and stop trying to change it" But even if that's the message I'm hearing, I know that life is good and I have no right to complain. And I won't. Because in the end there is so much to be excited for. Breakthroughs of epic proportions! Puddles of joy waiting to be jumped in! Puppies and babies and shoes, oh my! Puppies, and babies and shoes, oh my! Just keep chanting that, skipping along in my ruby red Target Mary Janes, down the yellow cement parkway, and hope for the best!

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AJinEP said...


Life is one big party. Sometimes you're in the center of the floor yukkin' it up and dncing your heart out....other times you're standing in the corner, paralized with fear and praying the wall envelopes you just to put you out of your misery. I know. I've been in both places - sometimes in the same hour.

I was in your exact same place...and just when I thought it would be me and Logan against the world, I took one final attempt. I don't know if I ever told you, but I met Phil on Craigslist of all places. I put an ad on their Personals section with all my 'high standards' right there spelled out for the world to requirement for a caucasian...for a Christian...for an honest, sensitive, non-married man...and somehow God led Phil to the ad and now 1.5 years later we're talking about marriage.

It's possible. Keep standing on the dance floor and keep those feet tappin'...he's out there...the RIGHT ONE...who will treat you better than you ever thought possible and will have been 110% worth the wait!!! I promise!!!!!!