Tuesday, October 07, 2008


This is going to be quick.  They don't let you stay online long here at the Women's Penitentiary..... J/K!  Nothing like a little prison humor to say "I'm baaaack!"

So, lately:

  • I love my job - I've been there over a year.  I get to be on fun committees & everyone thinks I'm tres witty & stylish.  I'll stay.
  • I love Ugly Betty.  I can't say how much, but it's a grand old lot!  Ugly Betty is my new bestie.
  • I love my friends - new ones, old ones who haven't given up  on me, imaginary ones - they're all great.  I miss the kiddos though.  Sad.
  • I'm back in the dating field, with two new prospects.... Operation U.N.C.L.E, and Operation Skywalker.  Saw Operation U.N.C.L.E tonight, and he's gonna take some time.  We're both shy, oh how cute.  Operation Skywalker goes down Friday night, as he and I and another couple do the blind/double date thing at Maggianos.  Should be interesting - but I'll just say this - he's ben to Pennyarcade Expo in the last year, has low standards and is tall.  Match made in heaven!!!!  I love men with low standards, I feel so wanted.
  • I am yet, always, the dork.  I fell over the other day for no apparent reason.  Was just standing there, watching some boats on the dock.  Perfectly still.  Then boom, I crumpled and bit it.  Took a big old digger in Wisconsin.  Yeah me!!  I have the bruises to prove it too. 
  • I'm looking for housing - my current living situation is less than ideal and highly overpriced.  Now that I've got wheels, I can commute a little more than I had planned when I moved in there.  So, keep me posted, if you know of anything.  
  • I'm learning gaming.  We're talking like Xbox, PS3, Wii gaming.  Don't ask. 

Other than that, not much else is new.  Life is good, the Lord is gooder.  Till our next "out of your cell time" over & out.  

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AJinEP said...

So happy to hear all of it...well...except the falling oveer in 'sconnie...but everything else sounds good!!!