Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ten Things That Are Brining Me Joy Right Now

  1. Puppies & Potatoes - if you know, you know.

  2. Started the day feeling a breeze going through my apartment and noticing there was a palpable temperature/humidity drop inside those four walls overnight. Maybe this weekend I'll actually be able to stay there instead of trying to escape to anywhere that doesn't feel like Dante's 7th Circle of Hell.

  3. First song on the radio this morning: Blake Shelton's "HoneyBee". Seriously, how cute is Blake Shelton? How even cuter is that song? I haven't told my sweetheart yet, but I think I want that to be "our song".

  4. Speaking of the man - the surprise for me that he is not working this weekend, and the surprise for him that I'm not in Las Vegas till next weekend, meaning we have the entire weekend to spend together. Now that's a great surprise!

  5. Things are calming down a bit at work as the new gals become more confident working independently. Maybe this week I won't be staying till 7:00 every night :)

  6. Shopping on Monday with Calli!! Yay for beautiful new friends and retail therapy!

  7. The prospect that, according to the often-wrong Kare 11 Weather Team, it's supposed to cool down significantly in the next few days. Like ten degrees or more temperature drop cool down.

  8. 7 more days till Cosmoprof in Vegas. 35 more days till Boston with my baby!

  9. More fodder for the stream of consciousness conversation I've been having with myself on the subject of doing everything "in love". THIS is the call of all Christiankind - and the greatest action we can ever take. I love learning about it, and only wish I could get the idea that I want a tattoo of it out of my head.

  10. Harry Potter - this past weekend and again tonight with a friend! Oh man, I think I just squealed a little big and maybe even peed my chair.

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