Saturday, February 21, 2009

PostScript for Can't Win For Trying

Ok, if you haven't read the post below "Can't Win For Trying", you should probably go read that first. Don't say I didn't warn you, blogtard.

So, after I posted the raving below, I went back and read a few things I'd written in the past year. Wow, here I am, having come far. And as I was reading them I was really surprised at how much I was broken up over "the UCE" and things not working out between us. I blogged about that undeserving turd-face a lot.

Here's the deal - I can look back now and say that hindsight is soooo 20/20. I'm glad it never worked out with him. His friends may think he's a great guy, he may think he's too cool for school, but in the profound, enlightening words of Taylor Swift (true girl genius) he's just another picture to burn. Burn, burn, burn, baby burn.

Which made me think - why am I saddened because some other dork doesn't want to date me? Whether he, like the UCE, doesn't give me a valid reason - sorry, but it's not me it's you is NOT a valid reason, or whether his idea of a reason is that I'm (***GASP***) 33, the fact remains - I'm unbelievably dateable. Yeah, my car looks like three homeless guys & an ironing board are living in it. And I love my sleep more than I will ever love another person. I mean that. But other than that, it's soo their loss. And I'm sad and ashamed at all the wasted time I gave him (the UCE). Urgh, never again. No guy is worth sweating that much over.

So, go read the post now. I know you skipped ahead.

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