Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Book.

Hey, me again. I've had all these awesome blog posts in my mind, and yet they get lost in the mass of confusion, bright shiny objects, vodka & sleepiness that also reside there most days. So, in lieu of a really poignant and passionate post about the hierachy of beauty in American culture, here's some schnazz about a book I just read. Not so sorry to dissapoint.

So, I finished The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. It took me a bit, as the beginning half of the book was slow, in my opinion. I have a friend who did the whole thing in four days, and swears she couldn't put it down. But Edgar Sawtelle was, to me, like a complex, fine glass of red wine. You don't pound it that fast, you sip & enjoy. Also, the lyricism of this book surprised me. I haven't read anything that prose-like in a long time, and I was caught off guard by the word pictures the author wrote. The intricate relationships between the main character and his dogs was surprising, and touching. The book, was really quite haunting, and moving. Especially towards the end, I just wanted to draw it out and make the story last longer. Though I was anxious to get to the resolution of this classic tale (think American Hamlet with dogs), I didn't want the story to end. When it did, I found it bittersweet. The only sadness came in leaving this story behind, even though it's definitely a two-timer, something I could revisit in say, a year. I highly recommend it.

Well, I was going to write more, but I'm distracted. Easily distracted. Ooh, look bright shiny object! Tootles America!

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