Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Things I'm Just Not Good At

About 6 months ago I wrote a lovely little post on why elephants submit, and why I just can’t seem to. In it I posted this gem of an ad, from the 1970’s, likening women like me (ummm, spirited?) to a foreign model Pinto lookalike. Niiiiice.

Today I’d like to post this other nostalgic bit from decades past, letting women know just how to act. That is if you're a moron, or a Stepford wife. Or a fundie. Oh, by the way.....the underlining, that was NOT me.

Upon review, I don’t think I’m getting this right. (Oh yeah, for a closer look, just click on the pic).

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just me said...

3 things....

niiiice-lol- my cousin and i say that all the time, text it all the time, drives everyone nuts, in fact she gave me an awesome funny pic of it for Christmas (some weird man billboard saying it in a store- she snapped a pic of it, then framed it, gave it to me)(a store in LA were she happened to meet ty pennington too lol)

"the good wifes guide" makes me wanna puke lol

The subaru coupe, my aunt had one but it was hatchback-then gave it to my grandpa, it was AWESOME!!!! that car rocked! it also had no muffler-modified the engine or something, sounded like a harley, & she added a spoiler